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Small Percussions

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Cecilio is known world-wide for their attention to detail, craftsmanship and notable affordability. Their Percussion Instruments are assembled completely at the Cecilio factory and are tested thoroughly to ensure that the highest quality standards have been met. These are considered to be among the finest percussion instruments in the industry.
We proudly offer Cecilio Shakers, Bells, Tambourines, BongosMaracas, and Cajons for Sale, for your orchestra, band, or personal preference. Our range of music accessories covers beginner and professional musicians, for all genres of musical performances.

An egg shaker is a hand instrument in the percussion family of instruments.  It makes a noise when shaken, similar to the maraca.  The outer covering of the container is egg-shaped. It contains enough seeds or beads, to cause the percussive sounds as they are shaken.  The egg shaker originated in South America.

Pursue your musical dreams by selecting one of our handmade instruments today!