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bell is a sound-making instrument. The bell is a vibrating and percussion device.  It is hollow and bowl-shaped, and vibrates when struck. The vibrating sound is caused by a pendulum attached inside the bell, or two bells can be attached by a cord or ribbon, which when struck together causes the vibration.  Bells are made of metal, ceramic or glass, depending on the size.

GMI offers for sale:

Hand Bump Bells

Wooden Handed Bump Bells

Cow Bells

An Agogo:   A percussion instrument consisting of two or three small conical bells, similar to a cowbell, and typically played by striking the bells with a drumstick.

GMI is an officially licensed retailer and supplier of Cecilio percussion instruments. Cecilio is known world-wide for their attention to detail, craftsmanship and notable affordability. Their Bells are assembled completely at the Cecilio factory and are tested thoroughly to ensure that the highest quality standards have been met. These are considered to be among the finest percussion instruments in the industry.

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