Guitar Thoughts:

A few suggestions for choosing your first guitar.
An acoustic guitar is a good choice. If you can
afford a small amplifier, get an acoustic/electric
guitar for practicing.

An acoustic/electric guitar will give you more volume when you need to jam with your friends who have electric guitars. An alternative is to get a microphone for your acoustic and a preamp (to plug the microphone into) and an 8″ or 10″ speaker
[more stuff to carry around than a small amp]
but o.k. for your studio/practice space.

Ease of playing will encourage you to stay with it,
so a guitar with a thin neck ( 1 3/4″ at the nut)
will help. Classical style guitars have wider necks,
and the strings are higher above the fingerboard,
which requires more force to press them down,
but the strings are nylon, which are easier to
press down than steel strings.

If you have a light touch, an electric-acoustic
guitar with a thin fingerboard may be the best
choice for you. If you are a small person,
a (dreadnought) has a large sound box and may
be too big for you to play comfortably.

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