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Missile Guided Musician



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USS Bataan (LHD 5)  

Hendrickson grew up in a family whose passion for music became an integral part of life. Raised in Peoria, Ariz., He attended Sunrise Mountain High School, where he performed with his school’s band playing the clarinet, before moving onto Northern Arizona State University where he majored in music performance.

“Playing music gives me a joy and a sense of peace,” said Hendrickson. “I love the atmosphere it can create,” 

Hendrickson has learned to play a variety of musical instruments from guitar, bass guitar, drums, saxophone along with the bass clarinet and piano. 

His father told him he has a gift of picking up any instrument and getting the hang of it in a couple of hours. 

“My father influenced me to become a musician along with many of my friends and family that shared the same passion of making music for others to enjoy,” said Hendrickson. 

Hendrickson hopes to use his talents of fulfilling his dream of making a Christian Rock Christmas album come true. He believes making music is about uplifting people and inspiring others to do more.

“It’s about touching that person in a moment,” said Hendrickson. “It makes me happy to make music.” 

Hendrickson says his musical preference was influenced by the bands he played for in the different churches he attended, as well as working behind the stage on the soundboards and lighting.

“There is more to being a musician then just reading notes on a page,” said Hendrickson. “It’s the ability to feel the music and know when something is missing that is going to make that song into something more.”

So far, Hendrickson already recorded a song and has it uploaded on his YouTube channel. He wants to write and compose music that expresses what Christmas really means to him; family, friends and about giving back to others. 

In 2015, Hendrickson decided to enlist in the Navy to serve his country, but he found out the Navy can also help him accomplish more then just that. During his last deployment Hendrickson participated in several talent shows, music nights and karaoke nights along with being a worship leader for Christian services on Sundays where he would play his guitar and sing. He is even working on getting an audition for the Navy Band, with hopes of reaching his dream of becoming a renowned musician.

“If you have a passion or a dream you don’t need to rationalize it,” said Hendrickson. “Just get out there and do it, don’t waste the gift that was given to you.”