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Jr Drum Sets

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GMI Offers for Sale the Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-3 Three-Piece Junior Drum Sets and MJDS-5 Five-Piece Junior Drum Sets  – these drum sets are not a toy but scaled for the child drummer! These Drum Sets for Kids are the Same Quality as our Full Size Drum Sets.

Drum sets or kits are a collection of idiophones and membranophones and other percussion instruments set up and oriented to be played by a single person. Typically, a complete drum set consists of a snare drum mounted on a specialized stand and situated between the player’s knees, a bass drum played by a foot operated pedal, a hi-hat stand and cymbals operated by the foot, one or more tom-tom drums, one or more suspended cymbals, and a drum stool or throne. We proudly offer the entire line of Mendini by Cecilio drum sets, including the MDS80 model 5-piece full size drum sets and MJDS 3-piece and 5-piece junior drum sets in a variety of metallic colors. All of our drum sets come with cymbals, a drum pedal, drumsticks, and an adjustable throne. Choose Mendini drums brought to you by greatmusicalinstruments.net

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