Cecilio KP_PM8 Series A Pair of 8 Inch mini Plastic Maracas – Blue

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GMI offers for sale Cecilio KP_PM-8 Series Eight Inch Plastic Maracas in a Variety of Colors.

Maracas also called rumba shakers originated in Latin America. Usually played in pairs.  Often one is pitched higher than the other, also played by striking against one’s hand or leg to get a different sound.  Maracas are played in Latin music, as well as pop and classical music. They are usually included in instruments of the rhythm band, and are popular with children as well.


  • Length: Eight Inch Plastic Maracas
  • Colors to Choose From: Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow
  • One Pair

MSRP:         $16.99
Sale Price:   $14.99

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