Cecilio KP_ES2 Series A Pair of 2 Inch Egg Shakers – Brown

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GMI offers for sale the Cecilio KP_ES2 Series – A Pair of 2″ Plastic Egg Shakers in a Variety of Colors.

The egg shaker is played in a number of ways:  shaken up and down for a fast percussive sound or from side to side, creating a slightly different sound.  It is used alongside other instruments like maracas, in samba groups and mariachi bands.

A sound unique to the egg shaker is made by holding the shaker in the palm of the hand tighty, then opening it while shaking it up and down.  This creates a whirling sound not possible with other percussion instruments.


  • 2 Inch Plastic Egg Shakers
  • Colors Available to choose from in drop down menu:  Red, Brown, Green and Yellow
  • One Pair

MSRP:         $8.99
Sale Price:   $6.99

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