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Guitars are pear shaped instruments, traditionally flat on the back and top, which is the sound board, and a long, straight “neck” extending from the smaller end of the body. GMI is an officially licensed retailer and supplier of handcrafted guitars. These handcrafted instruments are considered to be among the finest beginner guitars in our industry. Our guitars are assembled completely at the  factory locations, and are play tested then re-tested to ensure that the highest quality standards are realized. Our range of guitars covers guitars for beginners through professional musicians, and all genres of musical performances. GMI’s guitars include (depending on type of guitar) an amplifier, padded gig bag, picks, straps, extra set of strings and more. Buy handcrafted guitars brought to you by greatmusicalinstruments.net!

About Saga Instruments:  From the beginning their overriding concern has been to provide the finest quality instruments, parts, and accessories at affordable prices.  You won’t pay a premium for their brand name.  Quality control is built-in to their entire operation.  Careful attention to every detail, from design criteria to selection and supervision of manufacturers, to final inspection and setup in their West Coast facility.  Detailed specifications and repeated inspections assure that every product sold meets high standards for quality, performance, and durability.  Buying Saga instruments means you bought the best product at the best possible price.

Pursue your musical dreams by selecting one of our handmade instruments today!